Who we are

EPDIA is the voice of the European Plant Diagnostic Industry.
EPDIA represents the interests of those active in research, development, validation, production and marketing of products and methods for plant health diagnostic testing.
Today, EPDIA wants to be an active actor in the development of the agriculture of tomorrow by improving the use and development of high qualitative tests and increase awareness toward end-users. EPDIA involves, as members, stakeholders of plant health diagnostic from most of all the EU States.



EPDIA’s mission is to engage, on behalf of its members, with all relevant European decision makers in order to represent their interests and to contribute to:

the promotion of a Quality Charter for the production and the development of tools by plant diagnostics Industry

the promotion and the disclosure of information to the market on phytodiagnostic technologies and their validation

the representation of the plant diagnostics Industry within European and International Institutions



To share the needs and difficulties of end-users in the use of reliable, validated and qualitative phytodiagnostics tools with European institutions and stakeholders.

To establish and reinforce the link between European Institutions and NPPO to improve the quality and performance of the tools provided to the market by the plant diagnostics Industry (TPS, transfer of validation data, standardization of validation methods, etc.).

To interact with the European institutions and other stakeholders in order to contribute to effective policy, legislation and regulation in the plant health at the European level.