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EPDIA is the voice of the European Plant Diagnostic Industry.
Our purposes are to make reliable and validated products available to more end-users
and help laboratories move towards an efficient testing process.

The aims of EPDIA are

EPDIA aims to provide information to end-users and all the plant health field stakeholders on phytodiagnostic technologies and their validation.

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EPDIA aims to promote and improve the quality of European plant health diagnostic tools through the EPDIA Quality Charter to support the production and the development of qualitative and reliable manufactured tools by plant diagnostics Industry.

EPDIA quality charter

Membership of the Association is open to all operators in the plant protection sector and to other qualified workers who are interested in improving plant health.

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What is plant health diagnostic?

Healthy plants are essential for a dependable supply of seeds, plant growing material, and consequently for the sustainability of the food chain for humans and animals. Close surveillance of plant pests and diseased plants is therefore of most importance for the public well-being and the economy. Several players are involved in plant health and its protection. Plant health diagnostics consists in the detection, identification and characterization of plant pests (viruses, phytoplasma, bacteria, fungi, viroids and nematodes) and represents an essential step in the control of infectious diseases of cultivated plant varieties.



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Symposium announcement

An online event on January 20, 2022, organized by EPDIA member ClearDetections.

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Prime diagnostics

New testing method available for Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV). A new sensitive and specific antiserum can easily detect viral infections.

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Launch of Molecular Diagnostic Kits for emerging Tomato Viruses.

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BIOREBA is happy to announce the launch of the Tomato brown rugose virus, ToBRFV ELISA test.

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Cleardetections won the third price in the video contest Plant Health TV: Research that helps Plant Health.

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